Share The Experience or “Um debate sobre o anonimato na internet mereceria ser levado a sério” + Mobile Phones Tracking

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Qik is the easiest way to share every-day life experiences with your friends and family, as they happen.

We'll send out live updates to your friends on your favorite social networks; you can even sign into Qik using just your Facebook or Twitter login!


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Camera phones offer snapshot of an era:
mobiles that can take pictures have become almost a vital extension of our lives

If the digital revolution had produced nothing except the camera phone, it would still have had a transformative effect on most people's lives. It is not only in the throes of destroying whole industries – such as film processing and standard cameras – but it has also changed these devices from being a passive recorder of life into an active, constant participant. You can take photos or videos and send them directly to friends, newspapers or to websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, geograph or qik, which store billions of experiences and enable like-minded people throughout the world to form communities.
Recently, at the Tuttle Club in London, I saw an upcoming iPhone app using augmented reality enabling you to turn around through 360 degrees with your camera phone to pick up all the public Wi-Fi spots from nearby to miles away. The idea is to create a community of public space workers.

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"Reporters Without Borders deals with issues related to anonymity almost every day. Being anonymous on the web has unfortunately become synonymous with behaving in a cowardly fashion, or posting offensive comments. But in many countries, anonymity is all about protecting the security of bloggers who risk their lives in order to publish information.
But consider the example of Twitter user Elliot Madison. He was arrested by the FBI and charged of hindering prosecution after he allegedly used the social networking site Twitter to help protesters evade police at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. Madison was giving the location of the riot police on the ground, but so too were reporters and news helicopters. His arrest is certainly of concern, and it could have been avoided if he had the option of protecting his anonymity.


O segundo tema deste post [Friday, October 16, 2009] vem do Ecrans. Aqui a questão é a privacidade e também o anonimato no uso dos smart-phones. Segundo a matéria, um hacker mostrou que as operadoras e, qualquer pessoa com algum conhecimento e equipamentos, pode localizar qualquer celular GSM que tenha um GPS embarcado. E isso sem que o usuário saiba. Vejam trechos do texto Smartphone : comment suivre son conjoint par GPS de David Servenay."


“? Qual o Futuro do Manifesto21 ?” | Our ‘old’ Answer: The Networked web-Television at a Tracking Mobile EverydayLife

The Channell#8 published an enterview on Youtube | January 10, 2009:
the Manifesto 21's performer talks about some issues [social networking based on webTVs & the mobile telecommunications in Brasil at Campus Party :: feb, 2008]


O Canal#8 no Youtube pega performer do Manifesto21 [a la Blade Runner/ Ridley Scott-1982, 1968-Philip K. Dick\ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ... ] de surpresa durante a montagem do Oneself Cellphone#2008...



since 2007, a lot of new online platform based on FCS [like ustream, joost, mogulus, and another ones] is ready to live broadcast & a social operatting system [social online audiovisual networking like YouTube]

BUT, yeah!, nowadays [2009] one of them is ready also to run mobile & by cellphones.
ustream mobile home

has a lot of audiovisual, tracking [locative media] & broadcasting projects: you can create your own and go mobile or email us to create a new original one for you: you're free, then mail us to help you in a creativity project! :)


Nossa equipe também vem atuando na área de consultorias desde 2008:

junto a novos desenvolvedores de softwares/ aplicativos,
a empresas com projetos culturais e educativos em rede pelo país,
a eventos de tecnologia, congressos ao redor do mundo,
desenvolvimento de programas completos educativos [oficinas, palestras & workshops] ao longo do Brasil
e auxílio criativo e técnico a renomados artistas.

Entre em contato conosco, saiba maiores detalhes de como você também pode atuar conjuntamente na onda da telefonia móvel!

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acima imagem do projeto
“Quem conhece a árvore de mandioca?, e-tinerâncias ou CityMapping Performance”, 2007.
[metodologia: trabalho baseado em Locative Media & Mobile Broadcasting conceitualizado a partir da viagem de Mario de Andrade a Belém do Pará
- dentre outras cidades brasileiras - no início do século XX e do texto de Hermano Vianna sobre o Tecnobrega e a infra-estrutura de produção e distribuição informal na região no século XXI].

ustream mobile2b

if it really runs, we don't know. we didn't test it yet, did you?
Then, tell us about it!
"In just a few seconds you will be experiencing live and broadcasting from your mobile phone. Notify twitter when you go live to instantly activate your audience and easily interact with your viewers through chat!"

* * we really apologise for this late post here! * *


MOBILE LIVE VIDEO & your text in portuguese [or spanish] !

First of all, we want to say THANK YOU to the 21.340 accesses to our ordinary blog! We started it just like a social communication experimental-manifest at Sao Paulo streets (in the southeast of Brazil, 2005/06) and now a lot of these practices, reflections, discussions etc are real [reality?] in this country!... or maybe is better to say: in this enormous city! But our initial idea was to develop it around the country [in a first perspective...], becoming the mobile live video a social network in our economic, social and cultural context. Someday..., we hope and we're working for it!


"There is not much specific research on mobile live video available in the world instead of a lot of researches have been done on capturing & sharing visual content in mobile contexts"

"Video calls over the internet are now becoming within the reach of the masses. Recent versions of telephony and messaging software such as Skype and iChat allow shared video conversations, while mobile networks (for instance, 3G) are enabling mobile video calls. In general, video has arguably become a first class internet data type (witness the rise of YouTube)"

[this is the next paper-research |Tapio Makela's paper was our first one| to be translated here at :: SOON!]


Would you like to have your research - seems of similar-related work as well as discuss reflections and influences of mobile live LIFE - translated to portuguese?
Then, please send us an email.

You're so welcome!


Manifesto21.TV Team
[The Mobile WebTV Live Broadcasting]


MANIFESTO21.TV em Congressos Internacionais (Julho/2008)

Estaremos postando em breve uma compilacao de audio e video sobre as tres palestras ministradas pela Europa e Asia em Julho ultimo sobre o projeto desta webTV via celulares 100% independente e em tempo real para a internet e suas consequencias, assim como seus contextos socio-politicos-economicos globais e brasileiros...


Jay Bushman: thanks for this first picture!!



Por favor, parceiros e internautas, solicitamos que qq comunicacao com o MANIFESTO21.TV seja feita aki atraves deste blog, pois nao estamos dando conta dos emails recebidos em particular. Como varias questoes sao comuns entre diversos emails (comom o abaixo), solicitamos que tornem publicas suas questoes aki em nosso blog e que possamos, desta maneira, gerarmos uma gama de pertinentes discussoes e compartilhamento aberto de informacoes.

[]s e ateh!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: G.R.*
Date: 2008/8/4
Subject: Transmissão em Streaming

Meu nome é G.*, sou do Rio de janeiro, e conheci o trabalho de vocês pela lista do VJBR.
Em janeiro rolou um encontro ai em sampa, sobre Live BoadCast, mas naquela data eu não poderia ir a são paulo pois já tinha compromisso marcado e queria saber se ainda rola os encontros e porque o site parou com as transmissões ? o projeto acabou ?
Ahhh vou aproveitar as perguntas e fazer mais duas....

Camera -> Lap -> Celular (3g) -> SERVIDOR -> Usuário
Quantos kbps e recomendado para uma transmissão e qual servidor streaming vcs recomendam ?

Muito obrigado pela atenção e parabéns pelo projeto!!!


*por respeito a nossos parceiros e internautas, os nomes&enderecos dos emails que nos foram enviados nao sao aki postados.


Vídeo depositado no Youtube pela TV Campus Party Brasil 2008

Video posted by Campus Party Television [Brasil 2008]
*** mais um dia de testes = one more day of tests at the event ***

apoio2008: CCJ Vila Nova Cachoeirinha
[Centro Cultural da Juventude]


Ateh a próxima!!!! :)

Galera, agora sao 23h00min, estamos então nos despedindo desta maratona de live-streaming destes ultimos 06 dias 'ininterruptos'!...

Agradecemos aos que participaram aki conosco - tanto campuseiros, quanto publico da area 'publica', quanto os conectados - ateh a proxima!!!!

p.s. - os manifestos da webTV (ver aki) esgotaram sua 1a edição; avisaremos sobre novos exemplares aki no blog. fique conectado! tx!!!!!! :)

para mais informações, clique aki

for more info, click here

"Há homens que lutam um dia e são bons,
Há outros que lutam um ano e são melhores,
Há aqueles que lutam muitos anos e são muito bons,
mas há os que lutam durante toda uma vida, estes são os imprescindíveis"
(Bertold Brecht, na voz de M.Soza)

poesia entregue a todos os alunos do projeto de educação e multimídia >> "Ideologias: movimentos contraculturais de juventude", 1998-2003 / criação, desenvolvimento e aplicação (prof.a) Milena Szafir


Brazil: Oneself Cellphone Mobile TV (txt english#2)

[…] Mobile WebTV Live Broadcast proposes a media innovation based on an all times Brazilian favorites street characters: the candy-girls that sell sweeties on trays. “We came up with a new media structure made of a transparent acrylic tray that fits the body ergonomically to allow us to continue walking around with this mobile web television via mobile phones (mobile communication, real-time)”.

See their pictures to better understand!

referencia bomboniere camelo

campus party dia01a

Share This […]

by Paula Goes
at 13 Feb 2008; 07:37p.m.
(em 13 Fev 2008 às 19h 37m 11s)

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Caros internautas e/ou campuseiros. Vamos estar 10min. de intervalo do live-streaming, para jantarmos.

Neste meio tempo os deixamos online por aki transmitindo o material de referência para a MOBILE WEBTV LIVE BROADCAST - ONESELF CELLPHONE

[]s e ateh breve!!!!