Share The Experience or “Um debate sobre o anonimato na internet mereceria ser levado a sério” + Mobile Phones Tracking

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Camera phones offer snapshot of an era:
mobiles that can take pictures have become almost a vital extension of our lives

If the digital revolution had produced nothing except the camera phone, it would still have had a transformative effect on most people's lives. It is not only in the throes of destroying whole industries – such as film processing and standard cameras – but it has also changed these devices from being a passive recorder of life into an active, constant participant. You can take photos or videos and send them directly to friends, newspapers or to websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, geograph or qik, which store billions of experiences and enable like-minded people throughout the world to form communities.
Recently, at the Tuttle Club in London, I saw an upcoming iPhone app using augmented reality enabling you to turn around through 360 degrees with your camera phone to pick up all the public Wi-Fi spots from nearby to miles away. The idea is to create a community of public space workers.

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"Reporters Without Borders deals with issues related to anonymity almost every day. Being anonymous on the web has unfortunately become synonymous with behaving in a cowardly fashion, or posting offensive comments. But in many countries, anonymity is all about protecting the security of bloggers who risk their lives in order to publish information.
But consider the example of Twitter user Elliot Madison. He was arrested by the FBI and charged of hindering prosecution after he allegedly used the social networking site Twitter to help protesters evade police at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. Madison was giving the location of the riot police on the ground, but so too were reporters and news helicopters. His arrest is certainly of concern, and it could have been avoided if he had the option of protecting his anonymity.


O segundo tema deste post [Friday, October 16, 2009] vem do Ecrans. Aqui a questão é a privacidade e também o anonimato no uso dos smart-phones. Segundo a matéria, um hacker mostrou que as operadoras e, qualquer pessoa com algum conhecimento e equipamentos, pode localizar qualquer celular GSM que tenha um GPS embarcado. E isso sem que o usuário saiba. Vejam trechos do texto Smartphone : comment suivre son conjoint par GPS de David Servenay."

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