* EUR 3.000 Price Sum
* Submission deadline (extended): 30/4/2010

esta eh a primeira vez do premio para projetos de televisao digital e interativa. o tema do congresso deste ano eh "".


Pressing play and watching as moving images unfold on a screen or display is ultimately – in the eyes of the audience – a desire to enjoy an experience. We might want to watch a movie to be entertained or the news to stay informed on current events. Watching an episode of a favourite TV-series might help us decompress after a long day of hard work. Interacting with the content adds to that experience. For example, playing online games in relation to a television documentary might enhance learning in a fun way, checking out the video clip a friend recommended via the mobile phone is a shared experience adding to the feeling of relatedness, and creating mashups and uploading them online is a cool and challenging way to present one’s competence and creativity.

EuroITV 2010 Grand Challenge Competition wants to premiere creators, developers and designers of interactive video content, applications and services that enhance the television and video viewing experience for consumers worldwide. Does your product, content, or service add to the positive experience the television audience is looking for? Are you about to rock the world of interactive video consumption and storytelling? Tell us all about it!

The entries of the competition are expected to take a stand on the following questions, for example:

- How might new technologies improve the enjoyment of watching television in the eyes of the audience?

- What are the opportunities for innovative, creative storytelling offered by the multitude of platforms available today?

An international jury of interactive media experts will honour and award the best entry with a total prize sum of 3.000 € as well as additional prices for excellence in enhancing the viewing experience. The EuroITV 2010 Competition Grand Challenge award may be given to one entry, divided between several entries or not awarded at all, if the award criteria set by the jury are not fulfilled.


Papers were solicited from, but not limited to the folowing topics :
• Storytelling, role playing, and language for video
& TV
• Virtual worlds, mixed reality, and bringing video
into the world
• Digital gaming, ambient media, social media, and
locative media
• Artistic and aesthetic uses of video & TV
• Beyond the home context, extended home,
Mobile TV
• Ambient intelligence, ambient media
• Social TV, sociability, usability and user experience
• Digital content production, HDTV and digital
• Asset management, metadata and content
• Entertainment computing, games, betting, game
• Broadband, IPTV, 3DTV and VR systems
• Audience research, television studies,
ethnography, user studies



Brazilian Digital Culture Memory:

An audiovisual brief about "Performances Panopticadas - Surveillance Wireless Vj'ing Performance" (2003-2006) followed by "Oneself Cellphone" (February 2008)


for this documentation, we inserted our own voices, also the music created for "Performances Panopticadas - Surveillance Wireless Vj'ing Performance" and some audios' excerpts extracted from youtube videos ("Michel Foucault On 'Disciplinary Society", "Michel Foucault; Sorvegliare e Punire", "Having something to say...", "Panopticon", "The Panopticon World We Live In Surveillance Society", "Panopticon Trailer").

We would like to thank AP & Fernando, the performers (Graziela, Monica, Luciana, Mariana, Sabrina, Grada, Sura, Sayuri), KFK, Lucas, Kellen, Georginha, Kinho, mau (in memorian), Flavinha, Carlos and all participants during our "Performances Panopticadas - Surveillance Wireless Vj'ing Performance". Also thanks a lot for all participants during "Oneself Cellphone" (February, 2008. Images: Leonardo Vinícius e Mariana Kadlec. Additional thanks to Miguel & Paulinho).


distributed during these last 6 years, The Panopticon Manifesto printed (2004) is copyleft since its beginning. 08 pages.
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