Post-Panoptic Era: Liquid Rethorics in Mobile Networks [Work of Art or Social Operating System?] – part#01 – MOBILE WEBTV LIVE BROADCAST (txt english#1)

Post-Panoptic Era: Liquid Rethorics in Mobile Networks
[Work of Art or Social Operating System?]

*** work-presentation about “MANIFEST YOURSELF [you're being 'youtubed' in real time: artist is everybody] – mobile webtv live broadcast ***

This project was basically a live (and on demand) webtv channel broadcasting from streets to the World Wide Web; in other words, anyone had the chance to be 'youtubed' besides learning how to make their own webtv channels in the current context of freedom and domination that we're living in (network and liquid-modern societies) whereas we must to take an activist position reffering to the mobile technologie's popularization and the rising of different argues about “public” and “digital” television in Brazil.

Originally conceived in 2005, this 'technoconceptual' work in progress (the first brazilian mobile webtv live broadcast) has been in the streets since june 2006. It aimed at stimulating freedom of expression and the rights of communication, using cellphones (mobile technology to data transmission) for collective free and independent purposes.

The project also disseminates the notion of D.I.Y., through workshops and lectures (at some major Brazilian Universities, Locative Media Events and for teenagers in São Paulo Suburbs), in our current 'liquid' context, of fluxes, accelerations, surveillance, spectacle and consumption; talking “about 'new media' for a critical mass”, and trying to make participants understand that every cellphone or pocket-pc can be a powerful weapon, like worldwide broadcasting station, i.e. everyone is able to learn how to use this infrastructure to change realities.

Yes!, mobile media and online networks “can allow for many-to-many communication providing opportunities for political” and cultural collective activism i.e. these technologies can change the power from a small number of media owners to entire ex-audiences: “MANIFEST YOURSELF [artist is everybody]”.

*This project has been awarded in 2006 at "FMB" and at "NEW MEDIA ART & CULTURAL AWARDS" (Urban Intervention and Social Operating System with 'New Media' Devices) supported by São Paulo Government State.

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