[R] CCTV Hacking :: From Surveillance to Broadcast #02

Michelle Teran is another artist with the same issue about capture wireless surveillance video signals (tks Paola for remember me about her!)

'Life: a user's manual' is a series of public performances and online mappings that examine the hidden stories captured by private wireless CCTV streams and how they intersect with the visible world around us.
The action of walking through the city and intercepting wireless surveillance feeds becomes a journey narrative of transient states, intertwinings between place and non-place, between the visible and the invisible, as one moves through and inhabits both the physical and the mediated. The city is a 'network of nowheres' defined by transience and absence, by borders and borderland states.

See also: [R] 2.4GHz surveillance video signals (07th June 2010)
and an old one: [R] SAIU NO JORNAL :: A ORDEM DO DISCURSO part#01 (26th September 2008)

André Lemos publicou tbm texto sobre o assunto no ano passado (2009):

Outro projeto interessante é o “Life. A User’s Manual” da canadense Michelle Teran. O projeto detecta vídeos de CCTV que usam redes Wi-Fi e os expõem na rua. A artista desenvolveu um dispositivo que intercepta essas imagens e, invertendo a lógica, as expões para os passantes no espaço público. Há aqui uma referência explícita à obra “Vida, modo de uso” de Georges Perec. O que é interno, privado e vigiado por poucos vira externo e visível para muitos. Como explica o site da artista:
“A tiny fraction of the radio spectrum has been allocated for public use. Taking
advantage of this unlicensed part of the spectrum, the result has been an increase in use of wireless devices that are transmitting on this narrow band. Private use
of wireless internet, cordless phones, bluetooth and wireless surveillance
cameras has turned the average consumer into 'micro-broadcasters' who transmit
their personal narratives through the airwaves. The culmination of these
autonomous and synchronous acts contributes to an invisible, ad-hoc network of
media overlaid within the socially codified spaces of urban environments, the
café, the home, the apartment building, the office, the store, the bar, the hallway,
the entrance, the parking lot and the street. 'Life: a user's manual' focuses on the
use of wireless surveillance cameras within public and private places that
transmit on the 2.4 Ghz frequency band. Easily intercepted using a consumer
model video scanner, the captured, live images create a sequence of readings and
views of the city and its inhabitants which are observed while walking through
the streets.”(

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